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At SBB we believe in “Freedom of style through comfortable shoes” This is why every pair we make is tailor made for you! With your comfort in mind, we want you to be happy and walk with the kind of confidence and poise that makes you stand out from the crowd.

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Walk in Bliss

Soft soles for all-day comfortable walking.

Customizable Comfort

Personalize your fit with adjustable strings.

Water Repellent
Ready for Any Weather

Suitable for rainy and summer days.

Cruelty-Free Chic

100% animal product free for guilt-free style.

Our Happy Clients!

It all started when Becky was pregnant.

 A heartwarming story about how Shoes by Becky brand came to life. From a personal struggle with uncomfortable shoes that caused a swollen leg to creating life-changing footwear for women worldwide. Becky shares her story of how Shoes by Becky came to life.”

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Crafted with love one shoe at a time

Each pair of our footwear is handmade with nature-friendly materials and they get better with each time and wear. They give you a unique look and feel, unlike any other mass-produced footwear. Plus they are easy to wash both by hand or in the machine. So you go! Rock’em, Wash’em, rock’em again.

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